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Welcome to The Kill on Old Mill…our humble tribute to this festive season.

The farm, the farm – nobody knows what’s happening there anymore. Things just haven’t been right since the elderly, slightly deranged, pumpkin farmer disappeared. It’s now thought he shouldn’t have planted his crops so close to the cemetery where ritualistic activities have been occurring. Even the authorities are hesitant to investigate what is going on at the property. Over the past year the mayhem has spread and claimed even more victims. Will you be next...........

More graves have been dug and the cemetery keeps growing. Some of the farm help have returned, but they’re not looking or acting quite right. A couple years ago, a strange scarecrow appeared in the dark of night. But is it a scarecrow? Some think it could be the remains of the old pumpkin farmer, or maybe someone’s sick joke of a scarecrow made up of decaying human remains. Whatever it is, no one is willing to remove it.

And yes, the birds…they keep arriving. It started with just a few, but the flock just keeps growing. It appears they are congregating with a dark purpose and their endless squawks seem to be summoning even more of their brethren. Or maybe the birds and the rest of the mayhem is being caused by the rituals performed around the old, crumbling mausoleum.

So be sure to pay us a visit and see if you can help us try and control the chaos at the farm’s edge and the Old Mill Cemetery. Be wary when you stop by, as you never know what might happen.

The Kill on Old Mill started many years ago with Halloween revelers visiting our house and peering through the front windows, eager to get a glimpse at the dark and foggy living room graveyard. As years passed, and people’s time on earth expired, we were forced to expand the cemetery into the front yard and garage. We’re not sure if it’s the makeup of the soil, or events stricken from the recorded history of the area, but the expanding cemetery seems to have left a calling card for the undead. 

Contributions of non-perishable people/pet food or monetary donations are greatly appreciated. All donations will be given to our local food pantry. See Donations page for more details. 

Get your haunt on...actors wanted for the days our full display is active in October 2018. Please contact us if interested.


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